Friday, February 13, 2015

Hopeless Romantic

Love. Affection. Laughter. Romance, I'm a sucker for it all, the biggest hopeless romantic. 

There is nothing I love more than being held and kissed by my man, eating or cooking delicious food together and even just being together and enjoying each other's presence. Of course, I do enjoy Valentine's Day and all the love that is spread throughout the day, whether it's a small gift, flowers or a romantic dinner for two. Nevertheless, Valentine's Day shouldn't be celebrated only once a year. Every day in a relationship should be Valentine's Day, every day should be spent loving your significant other and showing it to them. You shouldn't have to prove how much you love someone on one day of the year.  

I am lucky enough to be spoiled everyday by my man, and sprinkled with affection whenever he's around me. 

For our Valentine's Day this year we unfortunately won't be spending it together, but we celebrated early with a delicious Italian dinner at Nico's in Little Italy Windsor, followed by a bottle of wine and some cuddles and a movie before heading our separate ways this morning. 

Hope everyone has a wonderful day filled with romance, and you are reminded just how loved you are. 

Xx E

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